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Family Owned Small Business

Transform Your Outdoor Space


Expert Lawn Care

Hydroseeding Truck and Equipment
Lawn Care and Hydroseeding

Commercial and

Family Owned and Operated for 40 yrs

(509) 535-9275

What our clients say

I was blown away by the quality of service provided by Hydrolawn. Their team of experts transformed my outdoor space into a beautiful oasis that I can't wait to spend time in.

Kris Michaels

Hydrolawn exceeded my expectations. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for reliable and professional Hydroseeding services.

Frankie Bolder

I couldn't be happier with the work done by Hydrolawn. Their attention to detail and commitment to excellence is truly unmatched.

Robbie White

Erosion Control
Family Owned
Commercial and Residential Lawn Care
Family Owned for 40 years

Why Hydroseeding?


Our mixture of wood fiber mulch, seed, and fertilizer acts as a nursery to allow better germination for your project. After the ground is prepped and ready our Hydroseed holds everything together, stabilizing the ground, preventing washout, and protects your new lawn as it grows.

Hydroseed is 4 or 5 times cheaper than sod and when you grow a new yard this is the best way to go!

Erosion Control

With our erosion control services, you can rest assured that your outdoor space will be protected from the damaging effects of erosion and runoff. Please call us for a specific quote on these services. Our warranty of work is unmatched and we will help you improve your land.

Commercial Seed

Our commercial, pasture and large job seeding services are perfect for anyone looking to create a beautiful and sustainable pasture for livestock, or raise the property value of your investment. With our in-depth market knowledge, we can help you create the perfect pasture for your needs.

Quality Products

We use only the best products based on our 40+ years of experience and we stand by it. Our Certified Weed Free Seed  provides a healthy weed free foundation.

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